MUSTBUS local hostel experience

The McGill Experience but in NYC

46 USD per night per person in a 6-person room
50 USD per night per person in a 4-person room

Room selection based on gender identity. All-gender room is also available as an option.

The 7 train shuttles you between the MUSTBUS stop (Bryant Park Station) and the Local (Court Square Station). Only 15 min away.

The hotel will try their best to assign you to a room with other McGill students, but in rare circumstances, you may be sharing a room with other travelers.

black metal bunk bed



MUSTBUS is not a travel agent. We receive no compensation of any kind from the hotel. We make no guarantee of the hotel service. Any claims or disputes arising out of the lodging will be between the hotel and the traveler.

You will receive a booking link once you have purchased the bus tickets to New York.

Contact us if you have already booked tickets but have not received the booking link.
This offer is only available to MUSTBUS travelers.