How much is the fee-levy?

$0, zero.

As you can see, our referendum question does NOT involve any fee-levy or funding. This semester, we’re merely asking the student body to approve the establishment of a student transportation service. Even if it is approved by voters, there will be NO fee-levy because it is not on the question. Whether will there be a fee-levy will be decided by another referendum in the upcoming year.

Will there be a fee-levy in the future?

We will present a clear schedule of fares and routes next semester before we go on the referendum again. The voters (you) will decide whether should we have a fee-levy or not. We will never ask for any amount of money without presenting a clear plan, which is why we need one more semester to prepare and fulfill our commitment to public engagement.

Why are there so many student fees?

We understand that many students are wary of student fees, and we share your concerns. We agree with you. There are WAY TOO MANY student fees and nobody knows what they’re for. Most of us will never utilize the majority of those services that we were charged for.

But the problem is not with the student fees or student services per se. The problem is with the utter lack of student engagement. For too long, campus groups are not doing enough to reach out to the majority of students, and they are just having fun among themselves, in their little circles of friends.

MUSTBUS is not a part of the student service establishment. We’re a new comer, and we’re determined and willing to do things differently.

Who does your service mainly serve?


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